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Install / Upgrade Insulation
Insulation is the most important factor to reduce energy usage and become more energy efficient. Additionally, having an incorrect R-value can lead to high humidity, which can cause mold and an uncomfortable living environment. Applying the correct type of insulation based on specific geographical area can make a huge difference on the cost of installation and the functionality of the home thermal barrier. Our mission is to provide our customers with all the possible best solutions depending on their situations and professionally install/upgrade insulation at a reasonable price. 
Insulation Removal
The attic is a common area for animals, such as rodents, squirrels, raccoons, possums, birds, cats and such, to find a nest in. As a result, the insulation materials can easily absorb these animals’ wastes and diseases. Additionally, it will collect dirt over the year, along with construction wastes from roof replacement, house remodeling, or HVAC repair/replacement. Replacing the old and unpleasant insulation is the best choice to reduce the risk of getting sick and enhance the quality of inhouse air.
Let us handle the hard work of cleaning the attic and refreshing attic enviroment for you in professional way with right equipment and machines.​​
Energy Audit
Studies show that residential homes with HVAC systems usually waste 30% more energy to cover the air that leaks out through the doors and windows, or from ductwork system to unconditioned spaces. Our main goal as an energy auditor is to seek for leakages by conducting the blower door test, the duct blast test, and sealing it as much as possible by installing weather stripping, caulking, or applying the correct sealant to reduce the air loss.

​Attic Ventilation

​​Having ventilation in the attic will reduce the heat, humidity, and help control mold, allergies, and diseases caused by high humidity atmosphere. We will check and unblock all the soffit vents, calculate and control a proper number for the attic ventilator, re-vent bathroom fan and / or kitchen range hood properly.